What are the magic features of smart LED bathroom mirrors, LED dressing mirrors, and smart makeup mirrors?


Nowadays, all products are developing in the direction of AI intelligence, and the field of home furnishing is even more intelligent, making people feel the charm of technology. The Canton Fair and major exhibitions at home and abroad will never be absent for smart home, and LED smart bathroom mirrors, smart LED bathrooms Mirrors, LED fitting mirrors, and illuminated makeup mirrors are actually new discoveries made by people in their exploration of the customer market.

What is the function of LED light mirror?

  1. Multifunctional LED fill light bathroom mirror, is such a smart mirror that can illuminate, intelligent fill light, date and time display, touch control, make your makeup better! Dimmable light, one-key switching between warm light and white light, mirror dressing.
  2. When the mirror is connected to Bluetooth WiFi, it will sing and comfort you. It is your intimate girlfriend. The smart vanity mirror is equipped with a smart speaker, which allows you to listen to music and answer the phone while applying makeup or taking a bath, and maintain a happy mood all day.
  3. Human-computer interaction, strong controllability. Simple and stylish, touch adjustment. Smart mirrors will also become more diverse in human-computer interaction. Various interaction methods such as touch control, voice control, gesture operation, and face recognition will be applied to different degrees on smart mirrors, bringing more abundant experience to the public. Smart experience.
  4. The defogging function is even more pleasant. It has always been a problem for the mirror to fog up after taking a shower. The LED smart bathroom mirror has a defogging function. An anti-fogging film is attached to the back of the mirror to heat the mirror to achieve the defogging effect.
  5. For friends with very strong time control, you can't miss it. It also has more intimate and practical functions, such as displaying time, temperature, weather, news, etc., so that you can accurately monitor my travel situation today while washing.
  6. The magnifying glass can be said to have to be said that the triple magnifying glass can be used in the fitting mirror or bathroom mirror. When the mirror glows with the magnifying glass, you can accurately experience the skin level and lay the foundation for a full day of vitality.
  7. The three scenes in common families, bathroom, bedroom and even living room are common spaces in every family. Traditional mirrors can only bring simple functions and are gradually replaced by LED smart mirrors.

LED bathroom mirror.

Just imagine, when you are sitting on the dresser, tap the light button, the whole makeup mirror emits light, illuminating the beauty of the whole person.

And the full-length mirror below you is even more magical. You can carry a magnifying glass and light up around it, and instantly experience the fun of changing clothes and fitting.

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