Home decoration:bathroom mirror, touch screen, LED intelligent bathroom mirror with light


The classic three color European bathroom mirror is a luxury with high profile. 5mm silver mirror, anti-corrosion, rust proof, waterproof and deformation free, with good transparency, brightness and clarity, fine frosted light is more delicate, soft and not dazzling. The single touch switch can control the light. The led is energy-saving and environment-friendly, saving you money and worry. It only needs one kilowatt hour of electricity a week. The positive white light warms the white light, two kinds of light sources, bring you different comfortable feeling.

The silver mirror is made of high polymer material, which is high-density, hard and durable. The removal and cutting surface is flat, with uniform structure and no warping or cracking. Silver mirror is not easy to oxidize and rust. LED customized light band, high brightness, energy saving and environmental protection, touch sensitive switch, make life faster. Low energy consumption and long service life. The interior of the lamp bead is made of all copper conductors, which is solid and durable.

Acrylic frosted optical lampshade, with strong light transmittance and soft light, protects your eyes. The safety hanging hole is convenient to hang on the wall, not easy to fall off, safe and secure. Aluminum oxide metal frame, beautiful, elegant color, solid and solid. The fully closed back panel is safe and reliable, waterproof and durable. One button touch opens the fogging mode, and the heating principle of the electric heating wire increases the temperature of the mirror surface to achieve the demisting effect.

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