What is the function of intelligent bathroom mirror?


There are many kinds of mirrors in the sales market today, but it is not easy to choose a suitable one. At this stage, many people are using traditional mirrors. It is not easy to attach simple lenses to the wall. It is inconvenient to add a mirror frame to the mirror. Sometimes the light bulb in the bathroom is too long and the chroma is not enough. It is difficult to see whether the makeup is close to the clothes when painting makeup. It is very easy to make a laugh. Therefore, a household decoration called led intelligent bathroom mirror has occurred. It is composed of ultra-platinum lens and sanitary ware grade aluminum alloy profile frame, surrounded by led light band, so it can also be bright when used as a mirror. There are three colors of the lighting effect, including cold white, natural light and warm yellow. Don't underestimate it. It is not only a mirror that will shine, but also has many functions.

The built-in high-power magnifying glass can reasonably handle the function of querying whether the makeup is comfortable or not. When installed in the bathroom, you don't have to worry about the fog of the mirror, because it is equipped with an anti-fog glass film, and the anti-fog film heating mode is turned on when it is turned on, so no matter how much water vapor, it will not fog.

I firmly believe that many people have missed the call in the case of washing bath. Sometimes the customer's key phone can not be answered, which may damage a business. Since you have this mirror, you don't have to worry. It can help you answer the phone and prevent you from missing it. I have to admit that the Bluetooth function can be connected to the mobile phone. We can listen to music on the mobile phone when we take a bath in the bathroom. It is very easy to get wet by water drops on the mobile phone. The Bluetooth function of the led smart bathroom mirror can help you deal with this problem very well. Just combine the mobile phone Bluetooth of the mirror with the mobile phone Bluetooth of the mobile phone, open the music playing software, and the sound will come out from the mirror. It can adjust the size of the sound, and surround the sound effect with 3d, so that we can feel the beautiful experience.

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