How to distinguish between real and fake smart bathroom mirrors taught by the prestigious mirror industry?


The large brand mirror industry has always attracted many people to buy smart bathroom mirrors. With the increasing demand for smart bathroom mirrors, some unscrupulous vendors have also seen "business opportunities" to manufacture fake smart bathroom mirrors to deceive consumers. How can we distinguish the real and fake smart bathroom mirrors of the large brand mirror industry?

Firstly, let's first look at its material. The mirror frame behind a legitimate smart bathroom mirror is made of all aluminum alloy, which is sturdy and durable. However, the mirror frame behind a counterfeit smart bathroom mirror is made of poor quality plastic steel pipes, which cannot hold the mirror for a long time and may fall off.

Secondly, look at the glass on the surface of its mirror. The formal intelligent bathroom mirror uses 5mm high-definition copper free environmental protection mirror, which has clear imaging and strong antioxidant ability. The counterfeit smart bathroom mirror uses ordinary glass, which has a darker image and a certain color difference. It is also cheap and has poor antioxidant ability.

Thirdly, look at waterproofing and rust prevention. Formal intelligent bathroom mirrors come with waterproofing and rust prevention, using waterproof electrical boxes to completely seal the electrical modules, ensuring that the appliances are leak proof, strong waterproofing and moisture-proof. The counterfeit smart bathroom mirror will be left in a relatively damp place in the bathroom for a long time, causing the mirror surface to darken, and even rust and peel off. As long as you remember these points, you can avoid buying low-quality smart bathroom mirrors and be careful not to be deceived.

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