How to distinguish the quality of LED bathroom mirror led lights?


Some people will find that some LEDs look brighter when choosing a bathroom mirror, and some are darker, some are white, and some are dark yellow, bright yellow, off-white and other colors, this is due to the light of the led light source Efficiency and color temperature are different, so there are not only white but also other colors on the market. And some small manufacturers originally produced light sources with very low light efficiency, but in order to make the customer look brighter, they increased the color temperature, made it brighter, and made a profit from it, but it was not really bright at all, but The visual perception of the human eye has hallucinations. If you look in the mirror or make up under such LED lights for a long time, the eyesight will get worse and worse. If it is a good quality led light, just turn on the led light and look in the mirror or put on makeup under the light, it will not produce strange feeling, and the eyes will not have low vision, etc. If the light is clear and free of impurities, it means that the light source is very good and the light efficiency is very high. If you can't see it clearly, it means that this kind of led light is not a pure led light, which is not good.

How to distinguish the quality of LED bathroom mirror led lights?

1.Here let me teach you a simple method, hold your palm next to the lamp and see the color of your palm, if it is ruddy, it means that the color temperature is just right, and the color rendering is also good. If the palm is blue or purple, the color temperature is too high.

2. Look at the led lights All fluorescent light sources must have led bulbs to light up. The quality of the led bulb directly determines the life and light efficiency of the led light. But remember to choose LED lights produced by more regular manufacturers, don't buy LED lights that are not very good quality.

 3. Safety first, pay attention to details. Consumers need to pay attention to every detail of LEDs (bulbs, tubes), switches and sockets when buying lighting accessories.

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