Smart bathroom mirror opens a new era of home furnishing


LED smart bathroom mirror is one of the fashionable smart home furniture. We firmly believe that most of the household sanitary wares or applications are basically bathroom mirrors. Let's get to know its smart zone.

1、 Time and temperature indication

This smart bathroom mirror is based on the mirror of Android mobile phone system. It can design the system software and home decoration together, indicating the real-time time and temperature.

2、 Get real-time information

It allows customers to inquire about today's news, temperature and other information based on touching the display screen when washing their hands or cleaning their faces. It also allows them to leave words for their relatives and track the tap water and power consumption at home.

3、 Function of listening to music

The intelligence of the intelligent bathroom mirror is also reflected in the network connection and Bluetooth online music listening. Enjoy listening to music in the bathroom.

4、 Antifogging

At present, all the smart bathroom mirrors on the market can provide additional anti fog effect, which is one of the differences between smart bathroom mirrors and general bathroom mirrors. With the anti fog effect, you don't need to scrub the mirror glass with a towel after each bath to see clearly, so that you can see a real yourself.

5、 Moistureproof

Generally, mirrors with LED lights and touch screen switches can be called smart bathroom mirrors. Because of the switch power supply inside, many people worry that they will get water inside. In fact, there is no need to worry.

6、 Antirust

This kind of smart bathroom mirror also has the advantage that it is not easy to rust and has a long service life. This also means that you do not need to replace the bathroom mirror due to the problem of mirror glass corrosion.

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